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Destination India: In comes France, Russia & China to follow

Splurge to quench the BIG U(rge).

This seems to be the message coming out from how India is hosting the world leaders who are knocking on the doors at an amazing speed.

French president Nicholas Sarkozy, started his four-day visit to India by visiting the ISRO centre in Bangalore on Saturday.

After David Cameron in July, Barack Obama in November, Sarkozy is the third Western leader to visit India with leaders from Russia and China to follow before we step into 2011.

Interestingly all the three visits had similarities which stood out

1.       Dilli durbar seems to have lost on the preferred destination for world leaders. Message: politics comes later, let’s do some business first.

2.       All had sizeable business delegates along. Cameroon brought along what Downing street described as the largest trade delegation from UK in living memory, Obama got over 60 CEO’s along and so does Sarkozy.

3.       Show us the money honey: major deals for Cameron & Co. were worth over £700m( just two to be precise)Obama took home some $10 billions while Sarkozy  will be aiming at $15 billion and another $80 billion between 2012 and 2022.

4.        It’s all been take money out of the system, talk good use the carrot and stick approach.


All but the big U

They all back it but don’t give a definitive reply to it. This is what I mean by carrot and stick approach to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat for India.

Read the headlines and related links, all speak the same lines, but go through the text and its all plain economics.  It’s all wait and watch we shall see, but this is what we say to you today.

Barring the one report, all are pure number games and the one featuring Obama does talk something about elusive UNSC but in the end talks all about business.

Cameron backs India’s bid for seat in UN Security Council (July 2010)

Obama: India UN Security Council Membership Has My Support( November 2010)

India deserves a Permanent seat in UNSC: Sarkozy (December 2010)

No harm in doing deals and taking steps forward, but high time our leaders  stop behaving like in awe of their western counterparts.


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First- ecstatic

It’s been a week of firsts for India in more than one ways. Securing a non-permanent seat in the United Nation Security Council after almost two decades, top show at the Commonwealth games (96 medals and counting) and defeating arc rivals Australia and maintaining its no.1 spot in test cricket have all been remarkable feats for the country.

The news has brought back a smile on the face of Indians for good. While I have very limited knowledge about the business of securing a non-permanent seat at the UNSC, I can confidently this is a giant step for the fast developing nation, which exemplifies that it is not just making strides in economic sphere.

What makes the news interesting is that India managed to secure the 98% of votes and reporters watching the news with a microscope in their report suggest that the not so friendly neighbour Pakistan too might have voted for India, hoping India returns the favour in 2012, when Pakistan makes its bid.

Just a wild guess, was it ‘make good’ gesture from across the border. Remember retd. General Musharraf’s slip of tongue confession that the neighbouring government was sponsoring agents of terror in its bid to be herd by India… whatever the reason be, the end result has been good.

The Pakistan support was a surprise shock; however, the nation got a big jolt (more than 7 on Richter scale) by the fantastic performance of the athletes. More than anyone else it shocked the scribes, who while bashing the CWG organising committee also took digs at the poor athletes in their spare time. Barring the likes of Abhinav Bindra, Saina Nehwal or Sania Mirza, Shushil Kumar or Vijender Singh most of the other participants of the 619 member contingent were neglected by the scribes.

But the atheletes surprised the nation by their stunning show; their performances on the track made them the stars of television. Such was the power packed punch that first time in many years a Sachin Tendulkar ton wasn’t the top news and the ‘high headed’ Men in Blue’ had to eat a humble pie.

The athletes’ performances did a world of good for sports journalism. For the upper class ‘star chasing’ sports correspondents were pushed by the performance of these not so good looking, mostly ‘hindi’ speaking sans PR powered athletes, to get their act right. Poor scribes were compelled had to brush up their knowledge about Sports beyond cricket or tennis.

Jokes apart, the athletes chose the opportunity to showcase their talent and tell the authorities that despite all odds, they can almost score a century (I am sure we will make a century before the games end). They showed that there is fire within them and all they need is some backing and appreciation. I sincerely hope that at least these facilities built during the games are managed well till Olympics and there is no reason why we can’t perform.

Some might term a good performance at 2012 Olympics as a wishful thinking, but powered by the massive medal tally this is not beyond reach target.

And somewhere in the frenzy, India fought hard first and then played like champions to ensure that India remains the elusive final frontier for Ricky Ponting, just like it was for Steve Waugh. Never mind guys you still got time to think about making plans the next time around.

Now if we repeat the feat and clinch the remaining four medals it will be a well-deserved century and a goal in Hockey will be the perfect ending. Hit it guys, hit hit hurray!


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