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Day II Wikileaks, whats in it?

Day two of Wikileaks cable expose did manage to keep world media at large interested.

Most media houses across the world were busy to figure out what was in for their local leaders and in turn audience as they flipped through the 250,000 files leaked by the whistleblower website.

For me two statements stood out on Day II.

First, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton condemns the leaks and secondly the editor of the Guardian Alan Rusbridger stresses that it is not the job of the media to worry about the embarrassment of world leaders.

Politically correct

Clinton in her address to the media condemned the Wikileaks and I quote excerpts from the video of the same uploaded by the BBC website.

Will bring forth the lines as I understood, the secretary of state mentioned: “I condemn the illegal disclosure of classified info.” (Lets bear this in mind for the following lines) . “It puts people’s life in danger, threatens security and undermines effort to solve global issues (Quite out of the book).

In the end Clinton says: “I will not comment or confirm on what are alleged to be states stolen cables and US deeply regrets to the disclosure of any info that was indented to be confidential.”

This is bit confusing, firstly condemning the illegal disclosure of the classified information, implying it was something to do with the state and ending it by saying won’t confirm or comment on what are alleged to be state secrets? In the end she regretted the entire episode for disclosure of what was indented to be confidential.

When something is not confirmed why regret on it or make an issue out of it?

Hard Talk

Secondly the editor of Guardian Alan Rusbridger told BBC Radio 4 defended the publishing of reports. “I think newspapers should bring these things in public arena. It’s not the job of media to worry about the embarrassment of world leaders.”

A clean stand and he back its saying its good newspapers bring  these conversations wherein world leaders have been caught saying  different thing s in public and private arenas.

With journalists upping the ante, its time leaders and bureaucrats watch their words.


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Leaked again: Wiki third time lucky, How?

Whistleblower website Wikileaks quarter million leaks of backstage diplomatic conversations of the US diplomats have put the USA in a tight spot over its international relation issues.

The western big daddy taking shots at its allies and calling world leaders names is something that the US leaders would have not liked the world to know.

250,000 cable leaks after two revelations first 90,000 records of US military incidents about the war in Afghanistan and followed by 400,000 similar documents on Iraq, is a big jolt for the image of the US.

The western superpower spares no effort in propagating its mission of equality, democracy, fairness and democracy, but this leak does more harm to its image.

Calling allies names and serious allegations of spying over the UN leadership puts US in a not so comfortable position. Though secretary of state Hillary Clinton spun into action a couple of days back, it will be difficult for it to do damage control.

These are issues of global relation, complex sensibilities and volatile dynamics but what comes as a surprise to me more than the revelations is the way and frequency with which these revelations have been made.

Claims have been made that US military official Bradley Manning is the man behind the leaking diplomatic cables and other classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Leaks on these scale being made thrice makes one suspicious about the approach the US authorities have adopted in curbing these damaging leaks.

How can Julian Assanage, the founder of Wikileaks managed to irk the USA thrice and achieve this feat is what leaves me wondering?

The Washington correspondent of the BBC said this is being linked to the system of the US adopted after 9/11 to share intelligence across its various positions (base) worldwide which enabled Manning to download these state secrets and leaking them.

Simple logic given to decode the biggest leaks in the living memory is hard to digest.

What implications these leaks will have on the future of global relations for US is a matter I leave to thinking minds.

Will there be fourth, fifth and subsequent leaks is something that draws my interest.


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