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Fast and Frivolous

Fast for sadbhavana(goodwill). Well that’s the latest cause to abstain and comes from the least expected person, Narendera Modi.

The Gujarat chief minister becomes the new entrant in the FAST growing list of the fast and frivolous, after Anna Hazare’s fast caught nation’s attention.

Flipping through the morning edition of The Times of India, a full page letter advertisement by Modi talking at length about his reasons for going on fast and what it means caught my attention, serving its sole the purpose.

It instantly set me thinking why on earth did Modi need to go on a fast? He’s having a dream run politically, there isn’t any major crisis in Gujarat, the state seems to be steadily developing, he’s done most things right and is being talked about in good words even by those who didn’t allow him to enter their country (USA).

So why a fast to mark his 62nd birthday, could he not have been better advised by his media managers and spin doctors.

The answer it seems is NO, they couldn’t advise him worse.

The fast manages to ensure that for the next three days it will be Modi all over the airwaves but it will also allow media, critics and everyone to dig the skeleton’s of past.

He talks about the 2002 riots, which is the biggest chink in his armour allowing detractors to take a dig at him and bring out reports that might not do much good to his image.

Also fast predominantly have been a resort that the underdogs rely on, with everything going for him why should he adopt such a measure is something only Modi can tell.

What it has also done is given the non-existent(as far as media is concerned) Shanker Singh Vaghela a lease of life for he too rightfully sat on a counter fast, gaining some mileage out of his rivals spectacle.

The master chief minister who has done few wrong goofed it up this time around, the move to project him as compassionate, secular and liberal doesn’t look like yielding the desired results.

He could have better had he stuck to his guns of doing what he does best, WORK. Instead of embarking on a three-day of fasting jamboree, he should have read the opening line of his website, “Only those who keep walking get sweet returns…look at the sun’s perseverance – dynamic & always on the move, never dormant… hence keep moving.”


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