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Gaddafi gone, but his last moves still haunt

Muammar Gaddafi is dead.

But video clips, photographs of his capture followed by killing bring the disturbing images of his last moments alive. The debate looms large on whether it was required for broadcasters or publications to go over the board with their images and commentary?

This post though delayed by a day is no opinion but an attempt to understand if these images of a blood stained Gaddafi were required or not?

In a situation where the world was looking for whereabouts of the longest reigning dictator gone into hiding, proof was required.

But how much is too much is something that creates a difference of opinion.

A superb slide show in Huffington post ensured that the post isn’t irrelevant even as I write. Front pages of various newspapers worldwide are showcased to show how the news which indeed was the global lead story captured by newspapers.

Headlines varied, “No Mercy for Merciless Tyrant,” “With Gadafi gone, Libya Exhales,” “Don’t shoot,”…..straight ones to some like “That’s for Lockerbie, Yvonne Fletcher and IRA Semtex victims”, “Gadhafi’s Bloody End,” and variants.

To these the pictures add the sense of war or sensation or can’t say what. Some bloodstained face close-up, some with fighters gleefully being pictured with his dead corpse, some showing him being captured and later killed to other gruesome options.

There are others saner versions, soldiers jubilant, Libyans celebrating, archival picture of the colonel with words doing the talking.

The news itself was so powerful that words and pictures were mere add ons, so the question arises, was it required?

One can understand the websites and news channels arguing that apart from editorial lines it was also a case of competition and eyeballs.

In my limited understanding another reason would have been that if these guys wouldn’t have published, still these images and videos would have reached people within minutes via social media.

So was that also a consideration, that when something is already going to be out why not join the party.

Feel each one has its own reason, but for me the gruesome display of war took away sanctity of news and reporting, but may be I am still old-fashioned when it comes to news.

Replies most welcome and appreciated, for I would like to understand why such a reaction.


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Social network censorship against Wikileaks by the US government

Mind your tweets and facebook posts students!The US state department of sent this warning across to the students of school of International and Public Affair, Columbia University reports Huffington post.

When the tweet landed in my tweet roll my first reaction was is that some joke.

a screen grab from Huffington post showing the email to students

It took me to the link and made me go through the entire piece.

Students were categorically warned not to post anything related to Wikileaks or else it could hamper their career prospects.


Has the US administration lost it? IS there anything earth shattering that these cables revealed which people did not knew in as many words before? What purpose will it serve to stop the information on few hundred tweets/facebook posts?   ‘Will Social networking censorship’ be the next big diplomatic step?

Varied thoughts ran to the mind space and I feel instead of doing any good they generated more interest and fuelled yet another debate.

Well this message too was ‘leaked’ and in no time there were over 56,000 blog posts and 288,000 web pages on google(At the time of filing this post). It spread like forest fire and started a leak bashing of its own. it only confirms that the leaks have hit the US administration hard and that too where it hurts.

How far is it fair to curb people’s choice of tweets/facebook post. You can’t and should not censor what occupies people’s mind space.

The reason mentioned for this ban is even stranger it says; “The documents released during the past few months through Wikileaks are still considered classified documents.”

Well just a few days back Hilary Clinton declined to validate these documents and cables.

First it contradicts the secretary of state’s quote and secondly makes US a laughing-stock trying to curb something which has already reached beyond control.

As New York Times reports a few days back a faculty at the Columbia University Gary Sick, who has worked on the National Security Council during the Ford, Carter and Reagan administrations, posted some thoughts on his blog that his students are now presumably advised not to link to on their blogs or Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Wonder if there is a way to scan all tweets /FB meaagses.

However,with most federal government jobs require a background check, they might be able to curb some post but in my opinion the move will do more harm than favours.

Post script: Government workers asked not to read Cables (NYT)

Timing is the key folks, you have missed the bus.

Government Workers Ordered Not to Read

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