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C’mon mate its Ashes English style

Forget the world cup, Aussie skipper out on first ball.

The picture caption on front page of London Evening Standard on Friday evening caught my eye and brought a smile.

Being a cricket fan I have been missing the only chance to get some cricket on air owing to timing s and pay channels, but the reportage ensures you make up for the action on greens.

Ever since the English team took off for Oz shores it’s been an experience to go through some of the most entertaining reportage if I may call so.

When it comes to reporting the oldest rivalry in the Gentlemen’s games, emotions take the better of reporters.  Brits and Oz alike, the usage of adjectives is as fluid as punters pull and scribes don’t leave a chance to deliver a lethal blow giving James Anderson a run for his money.

The above mentioned headline is just one example which shows what Ashes means to Englishmen and Aussies. Exactly 24 hours after the splashed World Cup Dream Dies, came this cracker. Punter is a prized scalp, but this one makes it all the more special.

Flip through the pages and comes another gem, AH, YES, SO ‘THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE AN AUSSIE. Columnist Dan Jones describing the three for two score makes the comments and the newspaper plays it up as a headline plastered over a dejected looking Ponting.

It’s not only a tabloid phenomenon, quality press to loves to be a part of this bashing. The day Aussie pacer Petere Siddle took a hat trick in the first test, Telegraph carried headline ‘Woodchopper Siddle becomes a national hero’ and ran an entire profile of the pacer taking digs at him being a professional woodchopper.

I wonder if that mention to that extent was required, but well as the Brits say ‘British Humor’.

With home team having a good run, more gems are expected to make for the loss of watching the game.


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Time for England to move on

After Hysteria, ennui.  With England suffering a humiliating exit in the first round of voting for the 2018 FIFA World Cup it’s time for some serious introspection for football’s mother country.

Fans are disappointed, experts are irked, and some blame it on the British media’s revelations of corruption in FIFA.

What is hard to digest is the fact that despite the Prime Minister, Prince William and star footballer David Beckham pitching atop a £15million campaign cost England could manage only one vote apart from their own.

This humiliation I think hurts more than the exit.

A dejected Cameron told the Guardian: “In the end it turns out having the best technical bid, the best commercial bid, a passion for football, that’s not enough. It’s desperately sad.”

A desperate remark by a dejected PM who gave the bid his best shot, unlike his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin who did not even turn up for the final results.

As an anticipated result either WC is not the lead or if it is mostly FIFA is rubbished for the decision to give games to countries which are not developed.

Media mood swings

Watching this story unfold for most part of Thursday it was interesting to observe the unpredictable mood swing of media.

Till 15.45 BST they were raving and rooting about the chances England had, the kind of build up was unparalleled. The BBC did mention Russia and Madrid in their reporting, but it was namesake. It was England all the way and bid hijacked every other development and the story.

Seconds before FIFA president Sepp Blatter opened the envelope to announce the winner BBC ran an unconfirmed strap England Bid rejected in first round. It just killed the suspense and ended the story. What followed was on expected lines.

By evening WC news fell way below on the BBC page, most newspapers either hit out on FIFA or underplayed the story.

It will take some time and thinking for football’s mother country to come in terms with this humiliation and the only way they can do it by proving their mettle on the field, which they haven’t been able to do in the recent memory.

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England misses the chance to host WC

Russia will host the 2018 FIFA World cup and Qatar the 2022.

Woooo..was the first reaction as I followed the developments since morning, all the hype around England and its chances were rocked in a second.

While I was disappointed for the English fans, what struck me the most were two things the low profile kept by Russian leaders and media and the speech of FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

While the British media has been going gaga over the FAB THREE and the chances they have and what they can offer, it was absolute contrast to what the BBC correspondent in Russia mentioned. World cup bid was mere news brief across Russia.

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin decided to stay away, which was interpreted by some section in British media as a boost to the home country’s chances.

The guest on BBC from Russia minutes before the decision said that his country deserves the chance to host the spectacle and that he was confident they can put all things in place by 2018.

This for me was something that would have done the trick.

Secondly the speech though was short but was remarkable. Blatter said Football was a school of life and you learn to lose and the losers should not ‘say what a pity’. Very strong message put across as precisely as he could have.

Another surprise was 2022 host Qatar, the small country will host the biggest sporting extravaganza will be a stepping stone for the country.  Amazing was the reaction of the commentator and I echoed. Their message was ‘expect amazing’ and they did exactly the same.

Kudos to the winners and will look forward to the coverage to follow.

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