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Will a warrant suffice to catch Gaddafi?

ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo seeks arrest warrants against the Gaddafi’s.

Reports suggest that the prosecutor has termed the father sun duo of Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi as suspects of crime against humanity.

Calling the Gaddafi’s suspects though is legally apt but laughable. The move looks like another not so valiant attempt to put the military ruler down and end the crisis.

The way allied forces have gone about handling Libyan uprising indicates that there isn’t a clear policy or plan in place to diffuse the situation.

The US didn’t join the assault on Gaddafi with its usual fever, the Germans pulled out of the NATO coalition, there have been issues plaguing the allied forces giving the Gaddafi’s enough to play around with.

Even after two months of daily air strikes they haven’t been able to nullify the colonel’s strength to an extent that he gives up.

The Guardian reports that Gaddafi Sr. is looking at a dignified exit and might as well get it.

Media reports do suggest that the step will put pressure on Gaddafi and it makes me wonder if this at all will. Will the mere suspect tag or say even conviction be enough to stop the authoritarian from his barbaric acts? And why only three individuals what about the likes of Moussa Koussa who till a couple of months back were partners in crime with Gadaffi’s?

Do they get away for turning their back on the regimen they were a part of all their lives?

The move to me hints at yet another half hearted attempt to do something, it’s about time to end the statement and settle the crisis or are we looking at another Iraq like situation?


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Simply Jodhpur @553

Happy Birthday Jodhpur.

Today, the Sun City of East turns 553 quietly taking a small and quiet step into the future basking on some recently added laurels.

Ironically the day matters to no one, I am putting the blog after being pushed into it and reading the almost predictable reports and glorified messages in a newspaper.

The chief minister and local Ashok Gehlot screams from the page one of Rajasthan Patrika stressing ‘prosperous culture is our identity’, giving him company is the erstwhile ruler Gaj Singh II who urges people to ‘safeguard the city’s heritage’.

The paper reports; 2023 master plan is planned, 18 new roads costing Rs. 150 crores envisaged and miraculously parking lots proposed for the city’s ever crowded marketplaces.

Perfect, predictable and politically correct messages coupled with dreams unlimited.

Joining the brigade of my fellow locals with almost all free time and being part of the majority I jot what I have seen in my hometown doing more or less nothing.

The second largest city in the state of Rajasthan today is a developing educational hub. To add to its list of six private engineering colleges and a regional engineering college it now has an IIT to its name.

The famed National Law University is here in the city, AIIMS medical college is soon to be functional, and its one of the leading Chartered Accountants producing centres in India.

Handicrafts and tourism have made the city a global tourism destination. Politically speaking it’s the home town of the state chief minister and has given the state three CM’s.

Its habitat diameter is growing and the once attractive walled city shrinks every passing day.

Inside the walled city new floors are being added to the old houses, automobiles are on the verge of outnumbering humans, the once playground for children are now the new unauthorised parking lots.

On the outer locations the mall culture is trying its best to survive, fast food joints and chains are dishing out localised adaptations of global fastfoods to out do the local mirchibada’s and kachori’s.

Gen next now flaunts designer tags, some designer boutiques have cropped up and keeping a couple of swanky mobiles is norm of the day.

Economically speaking, the signs are that the city is prospering and that’s no mean deal.

But look a little further and the beneath the glitz the dry and deteriorating image of the city stares at onlookers. The city seems to be almost static for at least three decades that I have seen.

The local inhabitants of most of these educational institutes are clueless about their goals; the affluent parents are least bothered.

The potholes on the city roads have stood the test of time and development, their consistency and precision has an enviable accuracy. They are where they were years back with more grave effects.

The civic amenities are in shambles, the system is just for the record books and infrastructure or the absence of it in the real terms has benefited a select few.

Only recently close to 20 newborn lost their mothers to government hospital negligence. All that the grieving families and a desperate city got was a suspension of the staff and some token compensation, but on ground zero the hospital still suffers.

This is just one of the few examples, of what plagues the city.

Not to say that these problems are particular to Jodhpur, but being a non resident Jodhpuri who luckily enjoyed the last few bits of pleasures the city offered till a couple of decades back it hurts.

It hurts to see that neither the flag bearers of the city are even saying leave aside doing anything for it nor are the people bothered. For how long will the city revel in the past?

When will the city get a new reason to tell its people and visitors Padharo mahare desh( come visit my land).

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