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Cup of billion dreams

Over a billion dreams came true as India wins the cricket world cup defeating Sri Lanka convincingly by six wickets.

With captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni hitting the winning six, a nation erupted into euphoria beyond its geographical boundaries.

Indians living overseas were filled with joy witnessing the men in blue come in their true colours to lift the coveted trophy which has eluded the cricket crazy nation for close to three decades.

The game does unimaginable things to this country; it brought two neighbours at loggerheads together on a peaceful platform a couple of days back in Mohali.

And if you think cricket diplomacy was the height, big surprise came when the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi joined the aam aadmi in celebrating the country’s biggest success in recent times.

Superstar Amitab Bachchan tweets: “It is MADNESS outside!! Abhishek, Aishwariya and me on the rooftop of car, waving tricolour and just screaming!! Hundreds with us.”

Indeed there were billions, even outside India.

Watching the final at a pub in Wembley was nothing less then being inside the stands of Wankhede Stadium.

Every run was cheered with uproar, every time the ball went past the ropes the drums started beating and the decibel level increased with every passing over till the time when the pub fell silent when Lankans broke a partnership.

Within minutes of the victory, the usually silent London streets resembled the familiar chaotic streets back home; people came out on the roads and jammed the traffic, dancing to the dhols.

The triumph is going to last long and should. After a long wait Mahi and his men have given the nation a reason to be one in the true sense of word.

It’s just been awesome. Let the revelries begin.


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Tendulkar V/S Bradman:the unfair debate

A half century of centuries is no mean achievement. An average of 99.9 runs in Test matches is equally unparalleled.

With Sachin Tendulkar slamming his 50th ton the decade long debate of who among Tendulkar and Don Bradman is the greatest batsmen in the game of cricket is again alive.

Television, print, online all media platforms across India and some in Australia are abuzz with the debate, which for me does not exist.

Game’s evolved

What the debtors forget is the fact that both are geniuses in their own rights and over the decades the gentleman’s game has evolved but it seems that those debating the topic haven’t.

Google ‘Sachin Tendulkar Don Bradman’ and staggering 81, 900 results pop up and the debate can be traced back to 2001. When BBC did a debate and compared the maestros almost a decade back, Don on their scale outnumbered master blaster by two points.

Cut to 2010, without doubt Tendulkar has made up for those two points, but in no way would have surpassed Bradman.


Watching the Debate on who is the best on CNN-IBN, what struck me was former test player Sanjay Manjrekar’s comment was that in Bradmans era the second best average was at the max 60, whereas today there are many near Sachin’s average.

Post War the game changed, while Don Bradman could only play 52 test matches, he managed to hit 29 centuries. Tendulkar on the other hand has played 175 test matches.  While Don hit a century every 1.8 test Tendulkar managed triple digit runs every 3.5 test.

However if you taken into count the first class centuries scored into consideration Bradman shows his class; Don has 146 of them collectively compared to Tendulkar’s 127. (Source of stats for both: wikipedia)

Having said that its difficult to find those who accept the supremacies each of these greatest batsmen hold in their eras.


The debate generates extreme sentiments. In a report in The Sydney Morning Herald Sourav Ganguly when asked his opinion said Tendulkar, while former Australian cricketer Greg Chappel picked Don.

It’s not merely cricketers, even bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t hold back his emotions when he blogged and tweeted saying that Sachin is the best and that is all.

Once more

The debate will continue, but let’s salute the greats.

Sachin has raised the bar indeed and see who dares to overtake him. A century of tons collectively in ODI and Test too is not far away.

You bet the debate will come alive again.


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