UP: Divided it develops, thinks Mayawati

Divide and rule. Well that’s the first thing that came to mind when I read a news flash stating that the Uttar Pradesh assembly has passed the resolution to divide the state into four parts.

Not getting into the debate of effective governance and the size of the state trying to forcefully set up a proportional formula, what amazes here is the tactic and timing of the move.

UP is gearing up for assembly elections 2012 and a section believes that this move by the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo is a sign of desperation, while others feel it might actually give her the edge in the yet to be declared elections.

Look at it whichever way what emerges is the first reaction wasn’t away from mark.

There’s a plea for division in the name of development citing that size does matter when it comes to performance, of governments. Bigger isn’t better and in times of crisis smaller ones can be managed better and quicker.

Mayawati defends her government’s decision on the above argument, for nearing the end of her third term as CM she feels UP is too big to be governed and developed as one single state, so divide.

Many also term it as her smart move to rattle other parties ahead of state assembly polls and divert attention from issues like corruption, development among others.

I understand smaller states can be better governed, but on the converse a bigger state gets bigger funds from center, it also gives one clout and can push in the center.

The formation of Uttrakhand from UP along with Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh in 2000 tells us that it’s not a very encouraging scene.

This divide and rule dictate is not restricted to Maywati and UP, elsewhere too we have been hearing similar voices, most notable being creation of Telengana.

For if development is the issue was it not the same in Mayawati’s previous stints as CM, this time round maybe sensing that things might not work the way she wants the move has all the potential to rattle opponents into rethinking mode and also divert attention from the real issue.

Put the blame of your incompetence to fulfill development goals on size of state and confuse the voter.

How effective will this resolution passed in two minutes will turn remains to be seen, but politicians can’t disagree that if intentions and will are right, development can be done in a bigger state as well.

If we and our leaders put our heart to developing together we can grow together as one.


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One response to “UP: Divided it develops, thinks Mayawati

  1. Mayawati already obsessed with her self, might be looking forward to attain absolute power and get close to new day queen in the areas where she had already portrayed a ‘deity’ figure for herself. It is difficult to achieve that status in a state as large as present day Uttar Pradesh, instead of sharing power in the government she would rather share the state.

    (reminds me of an old tale, in which two women were claiming mother of a baby. When king decided to cut the kid in two halves, the real mother stepped back while the fake agreed to get the half body…… Mayawati is contended with the half body.)

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