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Riding on Support Assange seeks bail

Julian Assange’s extradition case comes up for hearing on Tuesday in London.

Ever since he has been arrested on December 7 though the Wikileaks revelations have been coming out steadily as promised by Assange, but the thump has gone missing.

More than the Leaks it’s the man behind them who has become the news, something which was predictable.

Celebrities supporting Assange, hacker group Anonymous bringing Pay Pal and other websites down, to Julian Assange profiles, backgrounder, his mothers reaction, his son’s statement have all made headlines.
The cables meanwhile, much to the relief of US government have taken backseat and will soon lose out the sheen, until something big is in pipeline even as I write.

Hours before the hearing, leaks have sort of vanished from airwaves, reams of newsprint reporting them have reduced and online the focus is more on Assange.

It’s my opinion that the leaked hero Assange won’t get respite anytime soon and the battle will drag on leading to the slow death of a promising tornado as far as news is considered.

Interestingly this has led to Assange getting some sort of indirect support.

Assange mentioned in his editorial in the Australian, why he was only targeted and no one questioned the newspapers who were also publishing reports on Cables.

On similar lines Jeff Stein in his blog on Washington Post reported how ‘WikiLeaks’s Assange gains influential defenders.’

Stein’s blog raises echoes Assanges opinion but uses views of prominent American voices to back his claims.
Will the celebrity surety and celebrated voices bail Assange out in Long run remains to be seen.
On the face of it come Wednesady through Tuesday Assange will again hog some headlines.



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