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Murdochs face the music

Murdochs face the MPs today. The Commons media committee will question the trio – Rupert and James Murdoch along with Rebekah Brooks.

In what is being viewed as one of the most anticipated session at the Parliament all eyes and ears will be turned on to what the three have in store for the committee.

A strong case has been built with media houses setting up the tone and probable question line as published by the guardian.

What remains to be seen is that how the veteran media mogul Murdoc sr. responds to the committee after first rejecting the call to respond to the committees call.

While James and Rebekah have earlier spoken on the hacking scandal and appeared to give their side of story on different occasions, it will be the first time Rupert Murdoch will put his stand after the newspaper issued apologies across in newspapers.

Murdoch sr. told Wall Street Journal(which he owns) that he’s ‘annoyed and tired‘ by the negative headlines from which News corporation will recover.

Will Rupert put what he calls minor mistakes in handling the crisis in place and ride News Corp back on road remains to be seen?


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Murdochs docked

News international is truly the international news of the moment.

With those exposing scandals being entangled in their own web, the fast developing story never ceases to surprise. All of a sudden the invincible Rupert Murdoch seems gullible like any other mortal.

After throwing the familiar I care a damn attitude the Murdochs Rupert and James have agreed to face the culture select committee. This has been described as remarkable theatre by Martin Moore, director Media Standard Trust.

If that be the case than the ensemble promises a great theatrics when they will be confronted by question s like what did they knew and when? That apart there will be plethora of questions thrown at the trio of Murdochs and News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks.

The key to the questioning will be James Murdoch who will have to defend his previous statement where he stated that he came to know of the incident at a later date. That is a string admission and will be difficult to defend.

With all parties inUKjoining the crusade to ousted Murdochs or cut them to size it will be worth watching, how the media moughal responds to one of the biggest crisis of his career.

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