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Game over, time for a Showdown

Phew… Suresh Kalmadi’s must have had a sigh of relief after the Commonwealth Games 2010 concluded in Delhi on Thursday night. The CWG organising committee chairman indeed deserves a pat on the back for how miraculously he and his men held the fort over the last 11 days.

The beleaguered OC did stage a good show for the world to take note of and though late in the day had their share of luck as well… The rain gods accepted their prayers for there were no rains as the games progressed. The brick and mortar on the stadium tough was laid till the last minute it held the fort strongly for
Kalmadi and just in time everything fell in place for the OC.

The opening and closing ceremonies were fantastic, the athletes gave us all enough reasons to celebrate and feel proud. Badminton ace Saina Nehwal held her nerve in the final to take India on the second position in medal tally. Going by the scheme of things it seemed sports in India have come of age. And it has in more than one ways, despite the conditions not unknown to most of us, athletes showed their mettle and made us proud. India set an example that it can host a world class event.

Enough reasons to cheer about, but also time for some Hard Talk.

After the euphoria settles, the BIG question of massive malpractices and mismanagement leading to the games will come to haunt all those who want to bask in the glory of the magnificently held games.

People are wondering whether this jubilation will pave way for Kalmadi, Sheila Dikshit, M.S Gill and Co. to go scott free after the humiliation and torture they put the people of the country, especially In New Delhi through.

Will after accepting the laurels for smoothly conducting the games Kalmadi walk the talk of facing the audits or will the bosses let him slip through amidst the celebrations.

Estimates on various accounts have shown that there have been massive time and cost over runs. Public money has been wasted like anything and the celebrations and well organised games are no excuse of spending what estimates say close to ten times what was meant to be spent on the games.

Instead the opportunity should be used to set the record straight and send out a message to all the corrupt officials that the goodwill earned by the sportsmen and their effort won’t go in vain. it should ensure that from now on the sporting hero’s won’t have to plead for their dues an above all those misusing public funds will not be spared.

If things could be managed at the very last moment, why were these delays and chaos? If the Indian Army could set the damaged footbridge right in flat four days in crunch time, what were the contractors doing?

It’s the time the government sets the record straight and punish the guilty, before the public reprimands it next time round when they go to cast their votes.

The game is over, but let the government quiz those who all won Kaun Banega Crorepati(who wants to be a millionaire) in building the games arena.

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