Being social is not for media in Rajasthan

Newspapers and television inform us every day of what is happening around us, but are they well-informed?

With this line I might be treading a terrain full of landmines, for doing away with the unwritten rule “dog doesn’t bite dog.” Been in Jaipur for the past 36 hours, what is interesting to observe is that nothing much has changed and that most media outlets are doing a great job but well within their comfort zones.

The expulsion of Mahipal Maderna from state cabinet and the assumed or if I may say guessed implications are written endlessly, the possible cabinet restructuring is there, future of the government and image bashing and all are there, galore, but is there anything new?

Are those responsible of enlightening us themselves informed? Informed beyond the mundane ‘beats and departments’ they handle? The answer I would say is ‘no’ and if that is not the case then they aren’t informing us.

Let me come to the point. Last evening while on Twitter, I searched about Rajasthan and was amazed to see Bunker Roy talk at the being mentioned by people from Toronto, Bucharest and where not, but no mention in any of the media outlets. Why?

Is this not news that someone from the state is given a platform that the world looks up to? Most in state are ignorant. Is it not news worthy for the simple reason that those responsible for dishing out news are least aware of what is happening in the world and aren’t in sync with technologies, or simply that Bunker’s team did not send out the customary press note or gave a few courtesy calls?

I am sure those who are aware and want news would have browsed social media and enjoyed the talk that charmed over 46,300 viewers on, but this shows the apathy towards news and the lack of zeal to give people more.

Two things emerge out of this; first there is no chance that social media or global news stand in the not so tech savvy state or second, if harnessed the medium has the potential to inform people about many unknown stories and developments that they would be interested to know.

Planning a full-time online venture in this not so wired state, I am a believer in latter.

While Bunker a not so political person might have been given a miss by the media, its difficult to understand that when the chief minister of the state is on twitter and is getting responses from people across the border staying far away in Cambridge, even that is not reported.

Though @ashokgehlot51 has only tweeted on two days, that too obituaries, Pakistani human right activist @beenasawara sent a tweet thanking Gehlot for his appeal in getting Dr. Khaleel Chisty released.

While the CM messed on an opportunity to convert this potential tweet into a fan base, the media missed to inform people, who I feel have a right to know.

I feel that though both these aren’t Page one stories or require a big splash, but certainly a mention. May be this is where the niche of online journalism can chip in to fill the void.

Maybe for some it is wishful thinking, but for me this is certainly a great source of information, which anyways is consumed. So why not use it for better.



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4 responses to “Being social is not for media in Rajasthan

  1. Mr Kalla a well written article but as POI Hindustan Times has covered chief ministers joining Twitter and also followed it. besides with “development” i believe with social media and global news stand people are very much interested in unknown stories.

    • hi,

      thanks for dropping in. Agreed to the point but i never said none, i began with saying most..great you covered twitter debut of CM but just a small question, is that enough? as you say people would be willing to know global news why not rearrange our news outlets to give them the same.

      All the best to HT

  2. Hi,
    CM had even tweeted on demise of Steve Jobs,,,,, never heard him to have mention of Jobs ever before

    Rajasthan CM tweets might be an issue of discussion for foreign media, considering local changes in macro pattern. The local media however concerned with micro level developments happens to find the CM tweet as another propaganda (cause you and i know that the CM is more a grass root person and less known for his inclination towards technology)
    Information can flow only in proportions of acceptability by the local public, in Bhanwari case we have already seen community polarization and political influence is expected to have impact on the revelations and publications regarding the issue.
    We have local channels that spread the CM words among his target group faster than tweets,,,, and yes most of the tech savvy population of the state is less likely to follow the state CM.

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