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Deal or no deal: Ammunition for debate

Timing is one of the most important things in politics. Getting it right brings in lot of bouquets, misjudge it and the brickbats are all yours.

David Cameron earned the distinction of being the first Western leader to visit the revolution ravaged countries. The timing was just right for a round of applause, but the arm dealers accompanying him on the business mission was a mistimed move that earned the PM criticism.

Is selling arms to dictators/military rulers a right move? The debate got the better of Cameron, a miffed PM retorted his critics were ‘at odds with reality’.

Here he was talking pure and simple economics; though the arms deal don’t contribute much to the nations account books, in crunch time every bit counts. The trade employs one percent of Britain’s workforce, contribute 1.5% to the exports and needs around £5million in subsidies (The Times ).

The PM in his bid is doing what he could to boost the economy which is heading southwards.

What does him in is the fact that over the years occupants of No.10 Downing Street have been preaching peace and democracy to the world at large and also fuelling the non proponents of democracy with ammunition.

As The Times reports in 2009, 16 of the 53 countries invited for the biennial Defence Security and Equipment International, London almost every third country (16 to be precise) was questionable, for either they were involved in a current conflict or as a matter of practise didn’t respect human rights.

It’s been a legacy that Cameron has inherited and is following it unabashedly.

It should have been in news had he overseen the smaller gains for the larger interest of human rights that he advocates again as a proverbial British practise.

It would require a bigger and bolder step by world’s talking heads to get their acts right and walk the talk.

As of now the economic reasons it seems give them a reason to walk the other way, talking the same things.


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Coalition loses people’s support,MP’s packs punches

Politics and People of UK are yet to come in terms with the coalition government.

Seven months into the Tories and Lib Dem governance and verbal volleys, difference duets, sting stung comments are flying all over the place as people’s perception of coalition plummets.

Despite both the prime minister and deputy prime minister making earnest efforts to put up a united front, the split is evident.

Managing to see the tuition fee vote through with a reduced margin, the coalition was stung with Cablegate of its own kind. Business secretary Vince Cable opened floodgate of emotions against coalition and media czar Rupert Murdoch to undercover reporters from The Daily Telegraph and survived his cabinet berth to the surprise of many Tories.

Barely did Clegg covered up the Cablegate fiasco, there was more embarrassment for Lib Dems as four more MP’s showed their displeasure in coalition and voiced  lack of faith in David Cameron, only to reassure it hours after it was aired.

These supposed to be private surgery talks with constituents did a post-mortem of the seven month coalition.

It not only brought forth the Lib Dem’s dislike for the Tories, the few Tories on boxing day packed few punches as former Conservative Cabinet minister, John Redwood, accused Lib Dems of taking credit of the nice  things the government did.

Well aren’t both partners in coalition supposed to work in tandem?

To make matters worse an opinion poll by the guardian showed that people’s faith in coalition has fallen by 16%. From 59% in May 2010 it has come down to 43%.

This is not a healthy sign, by any yardstick.

With VAT rising to 20% in January 2011 and CUTS biting in from 2012, it’s going to be a tough ride for the Cameron, Clegg and Co.

Will the coalition complete a full tenure? Will this lead Britain back to dual party politics? Will Cameron and Clegg fight next elections united against Labour?

Interesting political times for Britain as it witnesses its first coalition in 70 years.


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Curious case of Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is on the wanted list of Interpol.

Couple of days after Assange managed to leak 250,000 state secrets much to the disliking of the US government, the Australian born former computer hacker is at some undisclosed location to escape the Interpol red notice.

What amazes me is the fact that despite offending the world superpower USA not once but thrice Assange has managed to stay away from the gunning claws.

The day Cablegate was released by WikiLeaks I posted a tweet and penned a blog seeking reply to how does this guy manage to do so with an enviable precision and consistency.

No replies were expected to this question for no one but Asange knows this.But the question of how he has managed not to come in hands of the US government stayed with me.

I was thinking about the same on my way to the University today and I read in the Metro, US Republican leader Sarah Palin demanded Assange be hunted like Osama Bin laden.

A testimony that he has managed to do to US politicians I believe with a computer what Laden has over the last decade using his militants.

Though there is no established link to the US involvement in the Interpol hunt of Assange, it will be more than willing to find him behind bars in any part of the world.

Assange is wanted for charges of “rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion” in Sweden.

What surprises me is the fact with the kind of technology available with the intelligence agencies around the world Assange has managed to deceive them all and stay connected with the world media.

TIME magazine managing editor Richard Stengel spoke with Assange for 36 minutes over Skype after the leaks were made public. The Guardian, according to New York Times website Assange along with fellow hackers and WikiLeaks enthusiasts was at a secret location outside London.

Confident of Assange’s abilities his aides according to NYT are reported to have fixed an interview with a NY based freelancer in Britain next January.

The curious case of Julian Assange becomes interesting with each passing day as he prepares for the next big leak.


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