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Cup of Comfort: MSD does what MMS can’t

World cup revelries continue to make headlines in India.

Euphoria is still in the air; sense of being the world champions has started to sink in and will take a while to settle.

MSD has done what MMS couldn’t – make Indians smile and cheer at least once.

Comparing cricket with politics is a colossal mistake and at this hour irrelevant to most, but for me it seems relevant for the time being. New York Times reported something on these lines.

The victory not only ends the 28 year-long wait for the cricket crazy nation for regaining the crowning glory, but it brings in a relief from all the sad and scandalous headlines.

Though I posted few days back saying there is media mayhem in India and now for the next few days will mark feel good headlines.

The victory is also a welcome break for the common man from news which meant nothing seems to be working out for him. He who won’t mind the taxpayers money being distributed at free will by various politicians across the country as Prize money for World cup winners.

This would be at least one of the few safe money transfer involving politicians and to top that the politicos will not have to worry about how public money being spent and no one will probably raise inconvenient questions for this.

But here is why I feel Mahender Singh Dhoni scored over Man Mohan Singh.

MSD’s scorecard read and meant the same for all Indians. The man on street was as happy as the occupants of billion dollar mansion Antila in South Mumbai, with Mahi’s scorecard and run rate.

Whereas MMS’s scorecard (read budget) always has different meanings for different people living in different addresses.

While the daring and fearless Mahi steered and led from the front steering the team to victory, picking the right men for the right day and role. MMS barring a few instances has shown no daring, invariably picking the wrong men for the right jobs and his decisions are more or less steered by coalition compulsions or madam factor plays a role.

It’s the dare factor that separates these two men of integrity.

Dhoni’s men rose to the occasion while Singh’s men let the nation down on more than one occasion.

Stains of Commonwealth game Scams are still to be washed, while the world is moving towards 4G we are yet to fix our 2G. Even as Men in blue were fighting hard to bring laurels to the nation, Central Bureau of Investigation was busy filing charge sheet against former telecom minister A Raja.

Not to forget the Adarsh Society Scam and skeleton’s of cash for votes. Still nothing is being fixed; wonder if that will ever be fixed.

Dhoni and his men managed to pull the reclusive UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi out join the common man and not seek votes. They deserve all the credit for this miraculous feat which is no less than their triumph.

Enough of Singh bashing.

The courteous Mr. Prime Minister did call captain courageous and lauded his leadership skills- Sir its time to pick a trick or two from Dhoni’s book and go the Mahi way.


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Cup of billion dreams

Over a billion dreams came true as India wins the cricket world cup defeating Sri Lanka convincingly by six wickets.

With captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni hitting the winning six, a nation erupted into euphoria beyond its geographical boundaries.

Indians living overseas were filled with joy witnessing the men in blue come in their true colours to lift the coveted trophy which has eluded the cricket crazy nation for close to three decades.

The game does unimaginable things to this country; it brought two neighbours at loggerheads together on a peaceful platform a couple of days back in Mohali.

And if you think cricket diplomacy was the height, big surprise came when the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi joined the aam aadmi in celebrating the country’s biggest success in recent times.

Superstar Amitab Bachchan tweets: “It is MADNESS outside!! Abhishek, Aishwariya and me on the rooftop of car, waving tricolour and just screaming!! Hundreds with us.”

Indeed there were billions, even outside India.

Watching the final at a pub in Wembley was nothing less then being inside the stands of Wankhede Stadium.

Every run was cheered with uproar, every time the ball went past the ropes the drums started beating and the decibel level increased with every passing over till the time when the pub fell silent when Lankans broke a partnership.

Within minutes of the victory, the usually silent London streets resembled the familiar chaotic streets back home; people came out on the roads and jammed the traffic, dancing to the dhols.

The triumph is going to last long and should. After a long wait Mahi and his men have given the nation a reason to be one in the true sense of word.

It’s just been awesome. Let the revelries begin.

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