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Middle East uprising, rethink call for the US

Pro democratic movements spreading like forest fire in Middle East throw a strong hint for the US-maybe its time to give its foreign policy some change.

The Egyptian uprising signalled at this change, Hosni Mubark regimen was in good books of the western big brother and was getting USD 2 billion in aid. This was mostly used for military, strengthening Mubarak and his might.

With the people making it clear that no ‘carrot and stick approach’ will work, Mubarak and Obama administration had little option but to respect the popular voice. Remember Obama administration was initially for gradual transfer of power, a stand they quickly and before Mubarak.

In the name of stability they have shielded the autocratic regimens of the oil rich regions for quite a long time. The champions of democracy elsewhere have for long turned a blind eye to the agony people in the region suffered at the hands of the oppressive regimens.

While Egypt was a wake up call after Tunisian jolt, which took the west by surprise, the subsequent series of protests in Algeria, Bahrain, Yemen protests signal at change of American stance.

Case in point is Bahrain, the small island nation in the Persian gulf where the king Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa has been warned of a revolution as per reports. With people demanding reforms the King is reported to have planned of giving each family something in the range of USD 2700 to appease the situation.

What brings US in is the fact that Bahrain plays hosts to its Naval fleet to counter the Iranian effect in the region and is important for the US, much like Egypt.

As kings, rulers and dictators feel the heat of rebel, its time US rethinks its stand and avoid a gaffe like Egypt where it is snubbed by the ruler and people alike.



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Army holds the Key in Egypt as Mubarak defies stepping down

Hosni Mubarak defies Egyptian hopes and speculations by refusing to step down.

The Egyptian president addressing an angered nation awaiting his exit and celebrating before his address was let down by the president after three decades in power said: “Every regimen makes mistakes and that there is always time to put things in place.”

His speech wasn’t in sync with ground realities, he was talking as if nothing big has happened and tried desperately to rally those against him, to come behind him.

Though news sites and twitter feeds were abuzz with speculations that Thursday would be last night for Mubarak as president and that he would pave way, but nothing of this sort happened.

Mubarak asserted that he will stay in power and will not leave the country he loves, but agreed to delegate some power to vice president Omar Sulieman.

Sulieman on his part followed the president’s speech with another damp squib address urging the heroes not to give into the impulse of the moment and not be misguided by the western media.

The regime sent a strong statement to the West, USA in particular that it will do things its own way and will not bear any ‘outside’ interference.

Strong defiance to the country that has been granting Egypt $2 billions every year in aids for over 30 years and reducing it to being a ‘laughing stock‘ as described by US billionaire Donald Trump.

It will be interesting to watch the situation in Egypt over the next 24-48 hours.

The outcome depends mostly on which way the Army will go, whom they will safeguard. If they go with the people, its end of road for Mubark else a steep task for the people who have stood their ground braving attempts to thwart them.

As Nobel laureate and peace advocate Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted: ‘Egypt Will Explode. Army Must Save The Country’

Whatever the outcome be, it’s for sure the uprising has sent a strong signal to dictators outside Egypt.

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