Oops he missed it again! Sachin falls six short of the magical hundred

Sachin Tendulkar dismissed on 94 at Wankhande stadium on day four of the final test against West Indies.

This is the simplest and the most non-Indian way to describe the yet another ‘alleged’ heart break of the nation. For the highest run scorer in the game yet again got out in the nervous nineties in his attempt to hit the century of centuries.

Tenth time in the test’s to be precise and 28th overall nervous nineties dismissal for the master blaster.

After Cyrus Mistry out of the blue hogged the headlines on the day reserved for Sachin Tendulkar headlines, for every time since March 12, 2011 when Sachin hit  century no 99  the little master sets his foot on the field to bat headlines anticipating the ton of tons precede.

It’s indeed an unmatchable feat, would be the biggest high in the history of the gentleman’s game and might put Sachin in his own league when he is not second to Sir Donald Bradman who had an enviable 99.94 test average – but it’s still a century away.

More than anyone of us, media and experts included who like Sachin and follow the game scoring in triple digits is more important to him. He is the one who has done it 99 times and there is no doubt that he will not do it one more time, but can we allow him.

Can we not analyse every score he takes and put that extra burden on his ageing shoulders, can we let him be himself and hold our emotions and headlines till he scores the required number of runs.

While he does what he does best, score runs, let’s not devalue or ignore the contribution of these 94 runs in the context of the game. Also lets praise the effort of Ravi Rampaul, for he did the best for his team by taking one of the most prized wicket in the game.

Take a back seat and enjoy the game, I am sure we will enjoy the little masters feat more if we let it come when it has to come.

Tough one but not tougher than scoring all the runs he has scored over the years. Certainly not.


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