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Mine of great fortune!

I just rescued 33 miners from the mine in Sao Jose, well in fact did better than the rescuers. It took me mere 23 minutes to take the men out. I achieved this unimaginable feat without much fuss at http://www.root33.cl/los33/

Well i did it at an online one can play free, but was something, which hinted at what lies ahead for not just the miners, but everyone involved in the miraculous escape of 33 miners trapped inside the mine for 69 days.

From memoir to movie deals to television to political fortunes a lot needs to be made out of the most astonishing rescue operations of recent times.

As the miners settle in the comfort of their homes with family members, freelance journalist Jonathan Franklin, is busy finalising the chapters of his book 33 Men for publishers. The mine tragedy now has opened gates of great opportunities.

Contradicting reports hint; a) that the miners might sign a pact that all will share equal amount of endorsements money, b) they won’t commercialise their tragedy. Both ways it signals that there are offers abundant for takers.

The miners rescue did a world of good for the political future of its leaders. It has helped billionaire President of Chile Sebastian Pinera bridge the gap with the working class population of Chile. The way Pinera led the campaign with his mining minister Laurence Golborne and how they stood tirelessly to greet almost every miner did a world of good for their political stature. Golborene from a mere outsider is now being tipped as the next president in some sections of media.

But as revelries begin in Chile there is an uphill task ahead for the government, to improve the working condition of miners. In an interview to a broadcaster the president admitted flaws in implementation of laws. He said he can assure that there won’t be any more inhuman working conditions in Chile.

Unlike other politicians he uprightly said that the labourers are within their rights to sue the government and it was in their rights. This way he earns political points and miners some money.



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