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CBI acts on Raja, Kalmadi: too little,too late

CBI moves!

Suresh Kalmadi’s house and offices in New Delhi and Pune were raided and former telecom minister A. Raja was questioned for almost nine hours by the premier investigating agency of the country.

No mean feat. They questioned at last.

It seems the premier investigating agency woke up (presumably after enjoying its festivities) on the eve of festive season.

Not too long back, they questioned Niira Radia after a sizable pause.

With these developments, at least for the sake of argument they did act.

But is that enough? Is their pace of action justified? Are they alone to be blamed for this? Or have the law brokers outnumbered the watchdogs?

A report by DNA in April 2010 said CBI has 9000 cases pending in various courts across country.

Another report few days back in The Hindu pointed that despite CBI’s plea to remove Kalmadi and his lieutenant Lalit Bhanot be removed for they obstructed the probe, but the government claiming to fight corruption said Kalmadi can’t be removed as CNN-IBN reported.

Raja buys time, Kalmadi can’t be removed how bad can be too bad for law enforcing agencies.

Giving those under scanner a lifetime to apparently put things in place and then fighting against the lack of political will shows why there are no results in corruption cases.

At times one wonders when the last time CBI was brought the culprits to justice.  It was in January 2010 when it brought culprits in techie Ansu Kuruvilla to justice after four years.

This speeding act of CBI seems to be too little too late, in fact going by the dismal record of the investigation these move don’t hint at looking at improving the score.

Along with catching those culprits, it should also learn to safeguard its site, which was hacked earlier this month.

Jokes apart.

Wish CBI improves its strike rate. High time some examples are set to install some fear of law in the mind of culprits.


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Radiagate part-II: Time to come to the point

From no news to national debate Radiatapes have come a long way in three weeks.

Braving an almost entire media blackout the first time around and generating hi octane sentiments with the media fraternity when Open Magazine took the lid off the Pandora’s box revealing select conversations between lobbyist Niira Radia and some journalists, the tapes managed to stir a national debate when Outlook magazine managed to do a desi Wikileaks second time around.

Outlook managed to add 800 tape conversations to Radiagate episode I inturn widening the array actors involved, provided enough spice for everyone to fuel their food for thought.

This time around few corporate, politicians were added and thankfully or not no new casualties on the Journalistic front except for couple of reaffirmation. Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi again made their way to Radiagate episode two.

This little breathing space provided enough space for media to beat around the bush, hold debates claim themselves to be the guardians of fourth pillar of democracy and go on calming first to report, whatever it takes.

Headlines like:

Taps unavoidable, but need utmost care: PM

Judge puts ex-CJI in dock over Raja

Was ex-CJI Balakrishnan aware of Raja influencing judge?

Radia tapes hurting India story: HDFC chairman

Corporate concern over phone tapping justified?

Nira Radia’s web: wider than we thought

What about the bigger question, SO WHAT?

We now know this is how the cookie crumbles, what next? Is Radia being charged, any action being taken on those trying to influence policy matters? Have any of the media outlets and editor cum owners cum custodians of truth come and shed light on the bigger issue of ethics?

All the new entrants in the media fray barring Mail Today, The Hindu and Outlook (open almost closed after kick starting the debate) are busy asking corporate India/politicians/ judiciary to look inwards, but what about walking the talk themselves.

Headlines are being blown out of proportions to push the big allegation on the fraternity under the carpet.

We know how politicos function in our country, how businessmen arm twist system for larger gains, but we only heard whispers saying journalism too are corrupt and when this whisper is being reinforced by a strong backing of tapes, time journalists accept where they faltered and try restoring some faith back in people.

High time the media houses adhere to the iconic motto line they boast.

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