I am putting the links which I could manage in short span of time, they reflect some of the work I have done over the years.

These are some  picks, will keep adding more:

Protest for Plasma TV

A comment on the London riots:

Wikileaks gave us a better understanding of the world(Times of India, Crest)

Interview of Solicitor Mark Stephens, who defended Wikileaks founder on what is it like to defend Julian Assange. This was an exclusive interview for any Indian Newspaper

Finally, honour for spy princess(Times of India, Crest)

Profile of Noor Inayat Khan, a british secret service Spy who was killed by the Nazi’s in 1944. Her bust will come up in London in 2012, making her the first Asian Women to get the distinction

Locating sites of history( The Times of India)

A tale of a sweet shop owner who only studied till standard VIII, has discovered over 70 rock painting sites dating back to pre historic era and without any support is conserving them.

Andy Pag Saga(The Times of India)

A British National Andy Pag was arrested in Pushkar, for possessing a satellite phone which is banned in India. He was wrongly booked under non bail abele section of Indian Penal Code by the cops and it had to spend seven days in prison. It was an adventurous story which went on even after his release till the court established that he was not a terrorist.

Green traveller lands behind bars for carrying sat phone

Andy Pag gets bail

Man Fridays(The Times of India)

A story on the men behind the high octane general election 2009 campaigns in Rajasthan

Poll predictions (The Times of India)

The first report day after the polls, where the state congress chief hinted at the number of seats they might get. He said 19 and the party managed 20

Polling day stories (TOI)

Facing the harsh reality of poll violence and death first hand.;col1;col1

Apna Ghar(The Times of India)

One of the most touching human interest story I have reported.

Bachchan Bonanza(The Hindu Business Line)

My second interview with Amitabh Bachchan. This time along with his son.

Finally, honour for spy princessFI


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