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Deal or no deal: Ammunition for debate

Timing is one of the most important things in politics. Getting it right brings in lot of bouquets, misjudge it and the brickbats are all yours.

David Cameron earned the distinction of being the first Western leader to visit the revolution ravaged countries. The timing was just right for a round of applause, but the arm dealers accompanying him on the business mission was a mistimed move that earned the PM criticism.

Is selling arms to dictators/military rulers a right move? The debate got the better of Cameron, a miffed PM retorted his critics were ‘at odds with reality’.

Here he was talking pure and simple economics; though the arms deal don’t contribute much to the nations account books, in crunch time every bit counts. The trade employs one percent of Britain’s workforce, contribute 1.5% to the exports and needs around £5million in subsidies (The Times ).

The PM in his bid is doing what he could to boost the economy which is heading southwards.

What does him in is the fact that over the years occupants of No.10 Downing Street have been preaching peace and democracy to the world at large and also fuelling the non proponents of democracy with ammunition.

As The Times reports in 2009, 16 of the 53 countries invited for the biennial Defence Security and Equipment International, London almost every third country (16 to be precise) was questionable, for either they were involved in a current conflict or as a matter of practise didn’t respect human rights.

It’s been a legacy that Cameron has inherited and is following it unabashedly.

It should have been in news had he overseen the smaller gains for the larger interest of human rights that he advocates again as a proverbial British practise.

It would require a bigger and bolder step by world’s talking heads to get their acts right and walk the talk.

As of now the economic reasons it seems give them a reason to walk the other way, talking the same things.


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Waiting for Becks to bend it one more time

The football crazy England awaits the final outcome of their bid to host the World Cup 2018 with great expectations. All eyes and ears here are on Zürich.

The build up has been great, media, government and royalty alike have left no stone unturned to turn the odds in favour.

Though I am no football freak the hype around the FAB THREE (David Cameron, David Beckham and Prince Williams) has made me take notice of the developments.

As I write David Cameron has made his presentation setting the media platforms on fire.


What catches my attention is the other David in FAB THREE-Beckham.

Going through the web pages at of The Times, what struck me was an archived picture of effigy of David Beckham hanging outside a London pub in 1998. It brought back the memories of a young England midfielder being shown a red card and the frenzy it created.

That was my first world cup viewing experience and was amazed by the emotions one sporting error had created. That is my first memory of Beckham and ever since I have followed him as the guy who was shown the red card.

But the journey since then has been amazing and worth following. From being among the most hated sportsperson in 1998 to raising the ranks of icons all through 2010 it’s been an incredible journey for the my red card footballer.

I have glanced through the reports featuring him quite regularly though all were not about his antics on the football ground.

So here I am again watching the final minutes of the thriller hoping England bags the bid and Beckham plays his part here again.

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