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New age media is in. Is it?

It was all over Twitter…I found it on FB, hey that guy did blog ablout this…For a tech challenged person it is like living in an ailen land if you don’t have a clue what all this is about.

New age media is in!

Quite a fancy phrase to use, talk and flaunt.

It is in, very much and with technological advances making waves it’s going to be more in.

Amidst the whole debate which is doing rounds at various levels about how this tool in media the internet along with other technological advances are changing the name of the game, forcing the frontiers and traditional media to rethink their stand and what not.

I appreciate the point and try my best to learn it and have so far managed to be an amateur blogger trying to come in terms with the templates of WordPress.

What equally amazes me is the dearth of good, revealing and riveting stories.

When I see, hear and read about good stories, the medium becomes irrelevant.

Look around the word around and sample what has grabbed the imagination of people.

The triumph of Chilean miners, the MP’s expense scam, the FIFA corruption expose, WikiLeaks. back home in India the CWG scam, Adarsh committee scam, CVC reports and numerous others.

Across the globe what grabs the audience is a good story. Seldom it’s the medium.

I learnt bit more about the new media during my last two and half months in London.

I got a firsthand experience of watching a regular political blogger with a sizable following Guy Fwakes and learning from out Professor David Dunkley Giyamh who has done great work in video journalism.

They in their own ways are ones who practitioners of new age media, but come to the bottom of it, they both have great stories.

The mediums they use enhance the effect, but at the soul of the work remains a good story. I feel that technology and aids that advances offer make it simpler, easier to put the story across effectively.

Tools like blogs, video journalism, podcasts, social networking are all great tools and not the revolution in itself.

With commercialisation taking on reigns of the once simple and fair profession of journalism, what is emphasised in courses and newsrooms alike is treatment rather than content.

Today the jargons and tools seem to have become more prevalent than the fundamental though of researching, debating and discussing.

There is a vacuum. Hence, when these tools rake up a discussion and get people talking, in comes the cool statement new media is in.

For me the game is still the story, have one and you’ll have takers eating out of your hand, whatever medium you serve them with.


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Want to be an Indian soap star, get a mobile connection

WHAT? This can’t be true, am I reading it right? These thoughts ran across my mind when I saw the first O2 international favourites advertisement screaming in Hindi from a billboard.

After having gone through a difficult weekend securing a pay monthly contract connection after a toil and securing 600 anytime minutes for £23 this was a the last thing I would have liked to see. Three thousand international minutes all for £10 pounds, gosh I missed a deal.

Settling my emotions I searched more for what are the options available and browsed the O2 website for some more revelations which surprised me.

Be a soap star

The valued £10 deal offered you a chance to star in an Indian Hindi prime time soap opera.

Come on don’t tell me the trap works here as well…

Surprise, surprise…it does! Check this

161,269(at the time of writing this) people liked the facebook page of the ad.

There were audition clips of some with a link to the dedicated YOU TUBE page.

There were sizable non Asians featuring in the audition in addition to the majority of British Asians.

Interestingly the page was available in Hindi along with Polish.

Well the exact response to the ad and its impact can only be shared by O2, but here are my observations.

While the plan is there for many countries, the thrust was on Asian communities, for the obvious numbers.

It is a classic case of ‘going global thinking local’; there was a global firm localising its approach to tap the aspirations and cater to the basic habits of local (Asians mostly, long talking hours)

The look and feel of the print campaign showed the stereotype of an Indian market place, lots of people (people to talk) and the price (value for money).

Finally it was splashed at places with a majority of Asian communities, I saw quite a few in Harrow.

The outcome is too early to gauge, but it felt nice to see an almost Indian ad lookalike in London.

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Tech takes to studies

Growing up in a digital world is a thrilling as well as challenging experience for students.

Going through a grilling six web pages of a New York Times article Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction, I will confess that at the end of page three I plugged into a 7.45 minute multimedia video to get the thought in place.

Having watched the video I went on to finish reading the entire report.

As a student myself I can understand the urge to get instant gratification without the strenuous exercise of flipping through the pages and applying my mind to the text.

Recently in a class when asked to get copy of a magazine article I liked I could not produce a magazine for nearly a year I have been doing all my reading almost entirely on the computer.

Striking the balance is the key say experts on most of the forums, easy said than done.

In the era of information overload the game is all about setting the priorities right, planning your work and working out the plan.

Though efforts are being made by institutes to strike the balance, I feel future lies with technology.

Those niche students willing to learn using technology will develop into a large unit. The argument might be that it will develop dependency on machines and deprive normal growth of human mind, but it will be a tough call to keep technology out of their lives.

One way could be to test the true calling of a student and build on it. If the ward takes keen interest in technology and performs wide range of work using it, stopping him/her from using technology might prove dangerous and curb the talent.


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