Ponting down, but not out

Ricky Ponting will not play in the Syndey test.

Bad news for Ponting. However, what is heartening is the way his men have rallied behind him despite the Ashes loss.

Critics, pundits and Englishmen alike wrote Australia’s most successful test captain off after he earned the infamous distinction of being only the second Aussie captain to lose the Ashes thrice in his career.

This for any proud Australian is criminal.

Despite that the hour of adversity shows the real strength of Ponting – his teams support.

From his deputy Michel Clarke, to coach Tim Nielsen to the once on field rival former England Captain Micheal Vaughan everyone has a word or two of praise for punter.

Clarke, who will be the stand in captain in Sydney has refused to lead Ponting, Nielsen says in a post match conference that the bloke has a lot left in him and Vaughan told BBC that he would like to see Ponting bat for a few more years.

This shows a lot of character for OZ as a team and shows they stand united in the worst hour of their cricketing history.

With no test match after Sydney in sight till August  will give Ponting and Australia a lot of time to regroup as a match winning squad.



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2 responses to “Ponting down, but not out

  1. Having just written on Punter ( http://wp.me/p16qgr-pY ) I must admit that it is not looking good for him. His saving grace is his achilles heel… no further tests until August gives him time to iron out flaws in his batting and gel a team to bounce back. However, that is nearly eight months without a test, which at 36 years old (and struggling) is a long absence for him to endure.

    Should Aus struggle at the World Cup you’d have to say that Ponting will struggle to keep the captaincy. If the captaincy goes, I suspect so will he.

    Undoubtedly intriguing times ahead…

  2. i do agree tough times are ahead, but the way his men has rallied behiend him must do a world of good for him. Eight months of absence can be dangerous, but it also allows for the team to regroup. We should not forget Oz are a talented team.

    WC is going to be tough for all and not ponting all, but the chanceto secure four titles is a row is a great motivation though..

    Lets see

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